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12ft dinghy

Fyran Boats: 12 foot dinghy - multi functional and extremely user friendly


12 foot dinghy — The Fyran 12 foot dinghy features the construction that has made the Fyran name synonymous with quality.

From the Fyran 8 to the spacious Fyran 16 and the wide bodied 385, the dinghy series is based on tested and proven designs which have been developed by Fyran and Parkercraft for New Zealand conditions over the last 40 years.

Easily stowed or towed, light and economical, easy to maintain and built to take the knocks, the Fyran dinghy range is multi functional and extremely user friendly whatever the purpose you intend.

Fyran leads the New Zealand boat industry with it's positive flotation dinghy design where oversize seats provide tested reserve buoyancy for the boat, motor and passengers in the event of a mishap.

So, whether you need a tender for your cruiser or a lightweight but rugged fishing boat, the dinghy series will provide the ideal solution for everyone from first time boaties to experienced anglers.


12 foot dinghy — Specifications

Length (o/all) 3540mm
Beam 1520mm
Hull 1.6mm
Hull Weight 66kg
Max HP 15hp
Transom 15 inch

Included Equipment

12 foot dinghy — Included Equipment

  • 3 aluminium cross seats
  • Cast aluminium bollard
  • Cast Fairlead
  • Foam flotation
  • Foredeck & parcel tray
  • Fully welded hull
  • Rowlock blocks
  • Towing eye
  • Transom handles

Optional Extras

12 foot dinghy — Optional Extras

  • Beach trolley 12" c/w wheels (Sunburst)
  • Dinghy dollies (pair)
  • Fenderstrip 12 - fitted
  • Forward control upgrade 12/13ft - fitted
  • Screen (acrylic) 12/13 - fitted
  • Screen (acrylic) 12/13 - long deck (2 seater) - fitted
  • Seat - coaching seat - sliding
  • Steering 12/13 - fitted
  • Steering console (seat mount 12/13)
  • Transom build up for 20"shaft

CPC RATING     UNSINKABLE     What's this?