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Fyran boats 5 year warranty

CPC NZ Boat Building Standard

Fyran Boats safety

If the safety of your friends and family is important to you, insist that your boat is built to CPC standards!

All Fyran boats, from the 440 upwards, are built to CPC standards and carry the CPC plate, making New Zealands best selling aluminium boats also the safest boats.

The CPC standard is all about ensuring safety on the water. Boats that carry the CPC standards plate must meet rigorous standards and are designed to be unsinkable even if filled with water, to be safe and strong in all conditions and to meet a detailed set of coast guard approved criteria that ensures that they are suitable for New Zealand's challenging marine environment.

CPC standards includes such things as:

  • Manufacturing environment
  • Manufacturing procedure
  • Independent composite engineers or structural engineers certification
  • Minimum 2 years structural hull warranty
  • Maximum HP rating
  • Minimum safety equipment requirement

The standards cover:

  • Materials
  • Hull and deck construction
  • Windscreen and window construction
  • Fuel systems
  • Electrical systems including navigation lights
  • Painting

At Fyran we are so confident of the quality of our boats that we offer a 5 year structural hull warranty on boats 4.75m and above and a one year warranty on dinghies.